Social Security

Do you have believe that you might qualify for Social Security benefits?  Are you unable to work? Even if you’ve never worked, have you been advised by your doctor that you should file for Social Security Disability or Social Security Income?  Do you have a child who may qualify for Social Security benefits as a result of special needs or the loss of a provider?  We have a number of attorneys able to assist with your Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Social Security Income (SSI) claim.

The terms used by the Social Security Administration can seem like a foreign language.  Do you know what a residual functional capacity evaluation is and why it is so important to your claim for Social Security benefits?  Has your claim evaluator requested an independent medical examination?  What is an Administrative Law Judge?  We can help you navigate the Social Security system.

Regardless of whether you are in the process of filing for disability benefits, or are appealing a denial of benefits, we can assist.  You may suffer from a physical impairment or mental impairment, and your disability may be temporary or permanent.  In any of these situations, we can help.